Mudhafaria Minaret

The Mudhafaria Minaret (Arabic: المئذنة المظفرية‎), also known among Kurds as Choly Minaret, is a minaret located in new the Minare Park on the west region of Arbil, Iraq...

Shar Garden Square

Shar Garden Square is a recently constructed esplanade just below the citadel complete with fountains, brick arcades and a clock tower modeled on London’s Big Ben...


Erbil Citadel and Textile Museum

Dating back at least 6,000 years, Erbil citadel is the oldest continuously inhabited urban settlement in the world and well worth a visit...


Information about Erbil

The ancient city of Erbil is a vibrant combination of tradition and rapid modern development.


Not only does the city offer one of the few remaining places in the ancient world where an authentic cultural encounter can be experienced, its fast-growing business sector has put Erbil on the map as one of the most lucrative centers of investment in the Middle East.


It’s rich (and apparent) history, dramatic surrounding landscapes and the renowned warmth and hospitality of the Kurds have contributed – along with the economic opportunities one would expect of such a resource-rich region – to Erbil becoming one of the fastest-growing travel destinations in the world.


A city of intriguing contrasts, Erbil maybe steeped in history but its outlook is very much fixed on the future.


Erbil City has grown more and more and became one of the most beautiful city in the Middle East.

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